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Feb. 19-23:   FFA Week, Dress up days are;
Feb. 20:   Tuesday:  Animal Day (dress up like and animal)
Feb. 21:   Wednesday:  Blue and gold Spirit day
                                                   Teacher Appreciation Breakfast at 7 am in Ag shop
                                                   Gym Night 5:30-7:30 pm in gym
Feb. 22:  Thursday:  Hillbilly Day
                                             Human Hungry Hippos in gym during 8th  hour
Feb. 23:  Friday: ND FFA Shirt
                                     Western Farm Show at the American Royal
                                      Lunch at Fritz's at Crown Center

Feb. 21: JH Academic Meet, 4 pm @ Gilman City
Feb. 22: ESBB Game @ Spickard @ 6 pm
                   Jostens here @ 1 pm, 
Feb. 26: ESBB Tournament @ Pattonsburg, girls @ 5:45 pm, boys @ 8 pm
Feb. 28: JH Academic Meet @ Cainsville, 4 pm
Mar. 2: State Officer Visit for all FFA members @ 8:30 am
Mar. 3: ESBB Tournament @ Gallatin @ 8 am
Mar. 5:   Make up day # 3, we will be in session
                   ND ESBB Tournament
                   2nd Varnish Application in nurses' office
                   HS Academic meet, here @ 4 pm
Mar. 6:   ND ESBB Tournament
                   Hamilton CDE Contest, TBA
Mar. 7:  ND ESBB Tournament
Mar. 8:  ND ESBB Tournament
Mar. 9:  End of 3rd Quarter (44 days)
                  ND ESBB Tournament
Mar. 12: Lathrop CDE Contest, TBA
                    HS Academic Meet @ 4 pm @ Tri-Co.
Mar. 29:    Make up day # 4, we will be in session

April 3:  Make up day # 5, we will be in session

School Attendance Matters: Make Attendance a Priority

As we begin the new year, I hope everyone with a student at North Daviess R-III will commit to a shared resolution of making school attendance a top priority for 2017-2018.  At North Daviess R-III we are concerned about our students’ attendance and monitor it closely.

Attendance is one of the ways the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education evaluates school districts. In the past, DESE was most concerned with our average daily attendance. North Daviess R-III’s average daily attendance runs about 95 percent. Now DESE has a new goal. It wants 90 percent of students to attend 90 percent or more of the time, and that is the standard by which we are evaluated. This may seem like a small difference, but it is not. While North Daviess R-III’s daily average last year was near 95 percent, only 90 percent of our students attended at least 90 percent of the time, just barely meeting the state minimum requirement. For the entire state of Missouri, only 89 percent attended 90 percent or more of the time.

A student can miss 17 days of school and still meet the 90 percent attendance mark. In my opinion, that is too much. Perfect attendance is the ultimate goal, but 95 percent is a reasonable goal. Ninety-five percent is also the required rate for a student to qualify for the A-Plus program in high school. Sometimes, parents and students ask about excused absences. In reality, this is not really the issue. Excused or unexcused: absent is still absent, and absences affect learning. It’s not just consecutive absences that matter either: sporadic absences add up, as well. Missing just a couple days a month means missing as much as 10 percent of the school year. A 2011 report by Applied Survey Research found that students who arrived at school academically ready to learn but missed 10 percent of their kindergarten and first grade years scored an average of 60 points below similar students with good attendance on third-grade reading tests.

Help your child avoid absences by scheduling doctor, dentist, and other appointments after school hours or on days when school is not in session. Schedule family vacations during the summer or holiday breaks. Realize that if you don’t, student absences add up very quickly and have a direct impact on both learning and grades.

Help us reach our attendance goals in 2017-2018. 

Mr. Dan Street, Superintendent


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Cereal, toast, fruit juice, milk
Cheese Burger, french fries, veggie beans, fruit, milk

Scrambled eggs, sausage patty, toast, fruit juice, milk 
Vegetable soup, crackers, cheese stick, fruit, milk

Oatmeal w/Cinnamon, toast, fruit juice, milk
Beef and noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit, milk


French toast, syrup, cheese stick, fruit juice, milk
Nachos w/cheese sauce, corn, fruit, milk

Biscuits & sausage gravy, fruit juice, milk
Ham & potato caserole, mixed veggies, buttered bread, fruit, milk

"Education is the movement from darkness to light."

                     ~Allan Bloom

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